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Katal Resilience


The projet :

The Katal-Resilience project offers self-defense techniques and tools derived from the Katal method to women who have been victims of sexual, physical and/or verbal aggressions.
Based on a learning scheme spread over several sessions, we offer a therapeutic environment that is reassuring, empathetic and inclusive. The project focuses on different objectives: Therapeutic - Mental - Social.
The techniques taught promote resilience and are accessible to all women, regardless of their age and physical ability.
The Katal-Resilience Project therefore aims to combine two elements: Katal, and the work of resilience and reconstruction for women who have been victims of physical, sexual and/or verbal violence.

Our goals: :

The primary objective of the Katal-Resilience project is to prevent violence, to help women rebuild themselves after a traumatic experience of sexual, physical and/or verbal violence. The goal is therefore to teach women self-defense behaviors through the practice of Katal to promote the emergence of combativeness, of a sense of self-control and assertiveness. This will allow them to consider a progressive work of resilience and identity reconstruction.
The secondary objective of the project is to participate, through the practice of physical and/or verbal self-defence, in the increasing development of initiatives and demands against violence towards women. The Katal-Resilience project wishes to contribute to the emerging awareness that will allow culture to evolve through the integration of women’s self-defense in societal values, through an adapted pedagogy.

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