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In practice

In accordance with the principles of embodiment and empowerment, the courses will take the form of:

Sport Engagement :

The combat system taught allows everyone to increase their physical abilities to deal with an assault. Through different physical exercises, a body mobilization will be done according to everyone’s level and following a progressive and adapted evolution curve.

Learning Katal techniques :

We want to teach women effective self-defense techniques from realistic situations. These techniques were developed by Mr. NGOMBO and are constantly tested and trained. The learning of these techniques aims to give a new form of confidence and combativeness to women, which are also inscribed in a pedagogy and a pattern of progressive learning.

The following modules provide a non-exhaustive description of the course content, which will be expanded:

Practice of realistic scenarios and stress exercises :

The practice of realistic scenarios and stress exercises aims to test the use of certain techniques in conditions that are as close as possible to reality. These scenarios contribute to solid mental training and will be considered and adapted in a coherent therapeutic learning pattern.

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