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Our Method

Katal gathers and synthesizes several combat and self-defense systems.

This method, created in 2009 in Belgium, allows to take control of situations of proven or potential violence.

It is inspired by different disciplines of combat sports, martial arts and allows all people (men, women, children, elderly) to face one or more aggressors.

To these disciplines are added the combat, with various weapons, with blunt objects and the non-conventional strikes otherwise called vice (all types of strikes prohibited in the context of a codified combat subject to any regulation).

The founder of Katal, Mr. Willy NGOMBO is a Police Officer, Trainer, Shooting Instructor and Intervention Techniques and Tactics, Specialist in Violence Control. He has obtained numerous patents in his fields of competence both abroad and in Belgium (Patent granted by the Israeli authorities; Belgian Regional and Federal Patent).

His experience in the field and the assiduous practice of different combat systems led him to the creation of the Katal. It is a realistic discipline, in constant evolution to be able to adapt to the new methods of combat or operating modes of the aggressors. It is aimed at all people wishing to be able to defend themselves.

The teaching of Katal is conceived as “a school of life”, founded on a strong ethic and meaning in terms of transmission, sharing, values of solidarity, fraternity and humility.

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