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The vision of the Katal-Resilience project towards society includes different axes :


Katal-Resilience’s therapeutic approach advocates that the management of victims has to be done in a global way and imposes an anchoring in the different types of support proposed by the different institutions. It complements the already existing aids with a corporal and experiential type therapeutic care, in harmony with the existing therapeutic lines and in a perspective of mutual reinforcement.


This multidisciplinary vision requires close collaboration with the Prevention and Reception Centres. For the sake of therapeutic relevance, the registration of women would be done only by this network, with the assurance that bio-psycho-social follow-up is maintained at their level.

Discretion and professional secret

The classes will be in a benevolent setting, with the assurance of total discretion on the part of the supervising instructors.
Both the management and the participants are committed to confidentiality with regard to the content of the courses, the shared and the lived experiences.

However, only on request from the participants, we remain available and open to exchange with centres that would like to meet with us for clinical exchanges.

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